Blog - The Beach Trolley is Here

As of 3/18/2020 the Beach Trolley has temporarily suspended service. We will notify guests when they resume trolley tours and transportation along 30A.

As of this morning at 10am, the beach trolley has begun providing beach tours and transportation along 30A! 2 of the beach trolleys staged in Seaside, FL and began running the tour route at 10am, with one trolley heading eastbound and another heading westbound, and both beach trolleys will continue to run until 6pm.

You can purchase the beach trolley tickets online prior to boarding, you can also pay cash or purchase tickets on a mobile device as you board.

The Beach Trolleys will be on their 30a tour route daily, 10am – 6pm and will be staging at the center of 30A, in Seaside, FL approximately 930am.

You can purchase tickets from the employees wearing Conductor hats prior to 10am. Remember to follow The Beach Trolley on Instagram and join-in on the social fun!

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