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As the leading onsite vacation rental management company in Seaside, FL, Cottage Rental Agency has proven themselves over the decades as the most dedicated vacation rental manager in South Walton. Our dedicated CRA team is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and in our welcome center off of Quincy Circle daily Monday – Sunday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.; we are always nearby to ensure you and your guests receive the level of care you’d expect when staying in a luxury beach home in Seaside, FL and the nearby beach communities. The commitment and sincere dedication of their Rental Management Team cannot be compared, continuously (re)setting the standard for vacation rental home management in South Walton, Florida.



Rental Managers with Experience

Cliff Hernandez
General Manager
Office: (850) 231-2381

Cliff Hernandez brings over 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry to the operations team at Cottage Rental Agency as General Manager. His knowledge expands across all brand and accommodation types including hotels and resorts. He has held management positions in the rooms and operations division with Hyatt and Wyndham Hotels, Westin Resorts, Ritz Carlton, Marriott, Starwood and most recently Omni Hotels and Resorts. Cliff has developed strong leadership skills while holding positions such as Front Office Manager, Director of Guests Services, Director of Housekeeping and Assistant Director of Rooms. With Cliff’s vast knowledge and experience in the hospitality industry, he brings the perfect skill set to the team at Cottage Rental Agency.




Mindy Liticker
Owner Services Manager
Office: (850) 231-6220

Mindy has a sincere passion for the property management industry as well as raising the bar on expectations and being a leader of innovation within the world of vacation rentals. Over a decade ago, she decided to start her business and it grew into a successful, reputable, one of a kind company.

Mindy focuses on a luxury standard, exceptional customer service and providing a memorable experience for owners and guests alike. She cannot say enough about her passion and level of service she provides as a base line standard. She knows that this will be a welcomed experience for valued homeowners on the program. 

Mindy, has three handsome and energetic boys ages two, three and five, and is married to a USMC Veteran.


Richard Haines
Marketing Manager
Office: (850) 231-2381

Richard Haines brings over 15 years of marketing experience in both a C level role as well as owning his own marketing firm that specialized in product creation and development. Richard has had to direct all phases of both the creative and technical elements of marketing initiatives including data mining, brand creation, print/web collateral development, lead generation, channel partner cultivation, customer segmentation/profiling, as well as CRM and acquisition strategies.

When not creating marketing strategies Richard loves to be with his English Cream Golden Retriever Jack or on the golf course. 


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    David Baker, Love Me Tender/Love Me True
    “This is the 20th year that the core of knowledgeable, dedicated, and talented professionals at the Cottage Rental Agency have marketed and managed Love Me Tender, Love Me True to my complete satisfaction. And I am proud to say that I serve on CRA’s Rental Advisory Committee and encourage other owners to get involved. In my opinion, CRA is the brand standard that other agencies attempt to emulate…and the go-to source for those seeking Seaside’s finest cottage rentals.”

    Bill and Starr Burnett, Banana Republic
    My wife and I completed construction of our home Banana Republic in 1994, and have had it on the CRA rental program every year. While the income is certainly nice to have, it has also been surprising and rewarding how little wear and tear the home has endured in those 19 seasons. I attribute this to the attention to detail exercised by CRA Owner Services. Every year, we get a complete and fair assessment of suggestions of what we need to do to keep our home current and worthy of the rental fees. When we need a recommendation for outside contractors, their referrals have always proven to be reliable firms. Because we live in New Jersey, it is comforting to know that we have them looking out for our best interests.

    Fred and Liane Hinrichs, Fleur de Lis
    We live in Houston, TX, and are delighted to be new homeowners in Seaside. Our goal of renovating and refurnishing our cottage before the summer rental season could not have been achieved without the assistance of the CRA maintenance team. From prompt plumbing and air-conditioning repairs, to the installation of new appliances and Internet service, to receiving and storing of furnishings, and the recent installation of a barbecue grill, there seems to be no job beyond the expertise of the maintenance team. We feel very fortunate, and take comfort in knowing that if a problem arises, they will be on it and it will be a job well done.